Nearly Norman is an artist exploring and creating immersive realities. With a focus on storytelling and a design background he uses immersive media to discover human connection in a digital world.

He is born in Menen and currently lives in Ghent, Belgium. He studied Motion design at Luca School of Arts Ghent. Found his passion about
storytelling and interactive works at the postgraduate Digital Storytelling at KASK Ghent. To learn more about interactive and immersive storytelling, he followed the European Creators lab at Bayerisches Filmzentrum.
Visual and interactive narratives; “The human process of attempting to communicate one's perception of reality to another”. This concept is the main focus of my work. Through my artistic process I am creating shared experiences where human connection is central. Key to my work is using the affordances of digital technologies to explore the physical world and to question our analog nature within the virtual space.

By not binding my artistic process to one specific technology, medium or software I challenge myself to rediscover the fitting language for every narrative I am striving to explore. By using new interactive and immersive technologies I invite viewers to become part of the story and to challenge their existing preconceptions about their body, relationship to others and perception of society.  In my work I embrace technology not as a means of escape but as a tool for attaining a profound understanding of social structures in a digitizing society. My future process will be focused on finding and collaborating with artists from other disciplines to broaden my understanding of the creative process.
Luca School of Arts Ghent — Bachelor of Visual Design — 2017
Kask School of Arts Ghent — Postgraduate Digital Storytelling — 2018
Bavarian Film Center Munich — European Creators lab — 2019 
Interactive 3D — Credit contract — 2019

“DETACHED” group exhibition
Places Festival – Gelsenkirchen, Germany – 2020
Mutation Festival – Ghent Belgium – 2019
“Nerdlab VR”
Mutation City-Exhibition – Ghent Belgium – 2019
Waking life Festival – Crato Portugal – 2019
“Blastus” group exhibition
Mutation Festival – Ghent Belgium – 2018
“Behind Instagram”
Mutation Festival – Ghent Belgium – 2018

Creative Technologist / 360° camera assistant -- A Mad Production -- 2019 - ’20
Professional speaker -- Mutation Festival -- 2019
Workshop Instructor -- Nerdlab -- 2019
Masterclass Instructor -- JEF --  2018
Junior Animator -- EPYC -- 2017
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